The Beginnings

Well here goes for my first post:

This whole thing has been building so much. What started as just another one of my private sounds, has pulled in a lot more attention than i was expecting at all. People have been contacting me about booking me for gigs and i’ve been showing up on some of my favourite music sites. The shits gettin real!

My album Bones In Motion is coming out on the 26th march on leaving records with stones throw records distributing and so I’m going on tour around the UK throughout the 20-28th March.

The first gig’s in a smallish venue called the roadhouse in manchester. About 150ish capacity… still sounds like a big audience to me.

The e-flyer For My First Gig

The e-flyer For My First Gig

The Smexxy Vinyl

The Smexxy Vinyl

Through out the life of this site I’ll probably keep youz all updated on the equipment I have and that which I badly want. The terrors of producing with a crap laptop and any pictures of my gigs and travels I’m planning on.

You’ll also find the odd one-off link to some free and exclusive tunes so keep an eye and ear and nose and toe out.

So here’s to my future in music….


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